Noha Moustafa

MSc Candidate in Wireless Communications at TU Delft
Email: noha.aboalkhair AT


• MSc candidate in wireless communications at TU Delft
• Experienced in wireless networks, cellular networks, performance analysis, channel coding, and electronics
• Industrial internships at telecom companies: KPN Netherlands and Telecom Egypt


MSc Candidate, Telecommunications and Sensing Systems – TU Delft – 2018 - Present – Netherlands

• Statistical Signal Processing and Modelling • Applied Convex Optimization • Performance Analysis
• Information Theory • Cellular Networks • Error-Correcting Codes • Ad Hoc Networks
• Estimation and Detection • Wireless Communications • Wireless Networking

MSc Candidate, Electronic and Communication Engineering – Mansoura University – 2016 - 2018 – Egypt

• Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Sharing • Smart Cities and IoT
• Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA)

BSc Electronic and Communication Engineering – Mansoura University – 2011 - 2016 – Egypt

• Electronic Circuits • Electromagnetics • Linear Systems and Networks
• Logic Circuits • Communications Theory • Integrated Circuits
• Circuit Theory • Mathematics • Optical Communication Systems
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sherif Kishk
• Thesis: Implementation of DC Micro Smart Grid using Renewable Energy

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author    = {Moustafa, Noha; Dief, Yassmin; Ragab, Kareem; Antar, Muhammed; Elakabawy, Ahmad; Zidan, Muhammad; Eldesoky, Amr},
booktitle = {B.Sc. Thesis, Mansoura University},
year      = {2016}


Wireless Telecom Engineering Intern – KPN Netherlands – 09.2021 - 12.2021 – Netherlands

• Developed algorithm to quantify Wi-Fi broadband quality using Quality of Experience Delivered (QED)
• Technologies: Quality of Services (QoS), Quality of Experience Delivered (QED), Quantitative Timeliness Agreement (QTA), Python

Graduate Teaching Assistant – Mansoura University – 08.2016 - 05.2018 – Egypt

• Assisting in teaching and preparing course materials in Electronics and Communications
• Evaluating students' performance through assignments and projects
• Co-supervising graduation projects of undergraduate students

Intern at InnovEgypt Program – TIEC – 08.2014 - 09.2014 – Egypt

• Intensive six-day camp to learn the concepts of generating innovative ideas
• solving national issues using structured brainstorming techniques and constructing a business model
• Gained entrepreneurial skills through learning the basic concepts of entrepreneurship
• Applying interactive learning for using essential tools required to start up new businesses

Engineering Intern – Telecom Egypt – 06.2014 - 08.2014 – Egypt

• Learned about the principles of Digital Microwave Radio (DMR) Technology, Transmission Technology, and Telephone Network planning
• Received hands-on training in different communication infrastructures: coaxial cables, copper wires, twisted pair, and optical fibers

Student Activities

Secretary - Executive Committee Officer – IEEE Mansoura Student Branch – 08.2015 - 02.2016 – EG

• Maintaining records of all activities of the branch: events, meetings, and competitions
• Participating in developing volunteers’ skills: presentation, writing press releases and public relations
• Preparing a calendar of events, monitoring the branch’s agendas and responsible for all correspondence

Volunteer at Marketing committee – IEEE Mansoura Student Branch – 06.2015 - 09.2015 – EG

• Got disciplines of creating marketing strategies and content
• Led a Facebook campaign for promoting one of our activities

Volunteer at Public Relations committee – IEEE Mansoura Student Branch – 04.2014 - 07.2015 – EG

• Publishing press releases and articles that covered the branch’s events in “IEEE Region 8 News” newsletter
• Presenting in events and promotional booths
• Collaborating in promotional campaigns for finding sponsors and funding
• Preparing logistical arrangement of events







Organizational Skills
Time Management





Email: noha.aboalkhair AT
Address: Den Haag, The Netherlands